About Us

Our mission at $5 Dollar Meal Plan is to saving you time, money, and stress lines by sending you a weekly meal plan and shopping list.

We want to put the emphasis back on enjoying the meal, not stressing about what you’ll make and what to buy. More time making and enjoy what’s on the table.

$5 Meal Plan was started by Erin Chase and Jim Wang.

So who are these jokers?

Erin Chase, The Meal Plan Guru

Erin ChaseHi! I’m known as the $5 Dinner Mom and I have a problem making a meal that costs more than $5. Fortunately, my problem is your solution. πŸ™‚

I plan the meals and makes sure you get a delicious menu that is both affordable and destined to be loved by your entire family.

I’m first and foremost a child of God, wife of an adorable, supportive and godly husband and mom to four rambunctious little boys, ages 8, 6, 4 and 1! I’m a native of San Antonio, TX and graduate of Texas Christian University. After graduation, I found myself in the Dominican Republic as a missionary, high school math and science teacher when I met my dear husband. We would be married a year and a half later!

I would spend the next year and a half in the DR where I would, in addition to my work ministering and educating, hone my skills in budgeting, shopping and menu planning… all in a developing country! I was responsible for shopping, planning, and cooking three meals a day, seven days a week for twelve teenage boys.

That’s the knowledge and experience I brings and it’s an honor and privilege to share our meals with you each week. I hope you’reΒ inspiredΒ to start making meals of your own that are not only frugal, but most importantly healthy!

Jim Wang, The Everything Elser

Jim WangI was the founder of Bargaineering, a personal finance blog that helped young professionals learn how to better manage their finances. I’m a big fan of delicious food and I know the importance of cooking at home because it’s often healthier and cheaper.

Food is one of the biggest line items in any budget, usually second only to housing, but you don’t have to sacrifice good food just to save money, you can have both. When we were younger and it was just me and my lovely wife, we would frequently go out to eat.

But as our family grew, we realized that we needed to cook more and home and do so affordably – that’s what resonates with me about $5 Meal Plan.

I’m responsible for making sure the trains run on time here. πŸ™‚

We want to make sure your experience with $5 Meal Plan is the best possible – you can always reach us if you have a question.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn about us!