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What will happen to the Weekly Meal Plans on $5 Dinners?

Unfortunately, we will no longer be publishing new free weekly meal plan posts on Sundays on As I’m sure you know, creating a meal plan each week takes up a tremendous amount of time and that’s even before we put it into a form that we felt comfortable showing the world!

It was getting to the point where I was getting stretched too thin and something had to give. Rather than abandon the meal plans altogether, moving to a monthly subscription with a modest $5 a month membership fee allows me to bring in someone to help and one side benefit is that the Weekly Meal Plans are even better.

We understand that for some budgets, even $5 a month is too much. We’re not removing the old Weekly Meal Plans on $5 Dinners, those and all the other recipes and content on will remain free.

How much does $5 Meal Plan cost?

A subscription is just $5 a month after your free trial period.

How do I know the plans will be worth the $5 a month investment?

We offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself, risk free.

Let me also put it this way… meal planning does a fantastic job of keeping you out of the drive through lane or from grabbing take-out. If these plans can help save you $20-$30 from one night of dining out, I’d say the 5 bucks is worth it!

When are the meal plans emailed?

They are emailed to you on Fridays at 11 AM, Eastern Standard Time.

How much do the meals cost?

It will vary based on where you live but we aim to have the meals cost less than $2-3 per person and they often cost much less.

I (Erin) have been able to make all of these meals for under or very close to $5 for our entire family! The total cost for the meals for your family will depend on a variety of factors, but you can rest assured that the meal are budget friendly and ‘$5 Dinner Mom Approved’!

Where do I sign up?

Click here to sign up!

What Our Members Are Saying...

$5 Dinners has done a great job with the new $5 meal plan. The recipes are easy to read and follow. The grocery list is well organized and user friendly. Overall, it is a great meal planning service!


Nampa, ID

$5 Meal Plan is wonderful! The recipes are frugal yet everything I have ever tried has tasted great and, most importantly, my family likes them. $5 Dinners is great!


Wilmington, DE

It's very user friendly and is simpler than anything else I've tried. I LOVE the icons that quickly describe the meals (as a mom of 2 young ones who contribute to my scatterbrain, that is so helpful!). I used to take hours planning meals and this is simple enough to cut down my planning time significantly!


Saskatchewan, CAN

$5 Meal Plan has helped me change from super frazzled to Super Mom in the kitchen! Erin's family friendly, frugal meals are full of healthy, wholesome ingredients and easy to follow directions. The detailed shopping list makes grocery shopping a breeze. I'm so happy to have an expert do the planning for me so I can enjoy cooking again.


Louisville, KY