Have a Plan for Your Little Picky Eaters!

No one wants to be a short order cook in their own kitchen, certainly not after a long day!

Kids are picky by nature. They don’t like new foods, certainly new foods that aren’t filled with sugar, syrup, chocolate or other dessert-y awesomeness (can you blame them?). So vegetables can be a challenge… but they don’t have to be. Some kids like crunch, some kids like mild sweetness, and some kids just like fun shapes.

Take advantage of whatever your little picky eater likes with our plan to navigate vegetable pickiness!

Have a plan for introducing new foods to your picky eater, no matter how big or small they are! :)

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Vegetables are just one small piece to the dinner puzzle…

… Do you dread the dinner hour and always worry that your kids won’t eat what you serve?

Tell me if you’ve heard this story before: I’m a busy mother of four young boys and one old boy. After a day of running around working, doing errands, and picking up the boys; I have to get dinner on the table so everyone is well fed. Oh and the window for that is tiny because there’s always some practice either right before or after dinner, sometimes both!

The most stressful part of my day is that drive home from school… what are they going to eat???

That’s when I discovered the solution to my problem: meal planning.

Every week, I sit down at the dinner table surrounded by cookbooks, my computer on Pinterest, and sketch out the week ahead. It’s saved my sanity.

I’ve learned how to save hundreds of dollars each month through thoughtful meal planning that works — and I will send you my plan. I can help you too.

How does this sound?

  • Delicious food,
  • Simple preparation,
  • Inexpensive and healthy natural ingredients.

That’s how I make my meals and that’s what is in $5 Meal Plan. I will email you my meal plan and shopping list every single week for just $5 a month after a full 14-day trial.

Erin & her Boys

(Me and my boys…
and I can’t believe
they’re all smiling at once!)

Skillet Spinach Lasagna Recipe

Skillet Spinach Lasagna

This is what you get when you join the $5 Meal Plan family!

Imagine these meals on your dinner table each night!

Imagine these meals on your dinner table each night!

  • Weekly meal plans delivered every Friday morning to your inbox, which means you don’t have to worry about going to find new recipes for your meal plan each week
  • Printable recipes & shopping list
  • Complete shopping list, specially coded by meal #, with all the ingredients you’ll need to make the meals each week (No more ‘oops, I forgot an ingredient and need to go to the store again’ moments for you!)
  • 6 Dinner Meals, a Breakfast, a Lunch, a Snack and a Dessert (and occasionally a Side Dish or other tasty treat!) all together on the same plan
  • Choice between the Classic Plan & the Gluten-Free Plan
  • Budget-friendly recipes that have passed my “$5 Dinner Mom Budget Test” (meaning they don’t have obscure or expensive ingredients!)
  • Each plan contains a variety of recipes – including chicken recipes, seafood recipes, beef and pork recipes, along with the occasional meatless recipe, freezer friendly recipes, slow cooker recipes & more
  • Peace of mind knowing that you can cross off that dreaded ‘write meal plan & shopping list’ from your to-do list
  • And most importantly, access to an amazing community of home-chefs who are trying to spend less money on groceries, while making delicious meals for their family!

I make these plans myself and I’m able to make each meal for less than five dollars. You can too!

Try us absolutely free for 14 days. If you like it, you do nothing and it is renewed automatically. You can cancel at any time.

We are limiting the number of free trials so act quickly!

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Michelle from Wilmington, DE$5 Meal Plan is wonderful! Where else can you find great recipes, coupons, store deals, and anything else you need to lead a frugal, delicious food-filled life? The recipes are frugal yet everything I have ever tried has tasted great and, most importantly, my family likes them. $5 Dinners is great!

— Michelle of Wilmington, DE

Andrea-Louisville-KY-circ$5 Meal Plan has helped me change from super frazzled to Super Mom in the kitchen! Erin’s family friendly, frugal meals are full of healthy, wholesome ingredients and easy to follow directions. The detailed shopping list makes grocery shopping a breeze. I’m so happy to have an expert do the planning for me so I can enjoy cooking again.

— Andrea of Louisville, KY